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Thoughts On Artists Wanting To Release Music “Whenever They Want”

There’s been a strange phenomenon among many musical artists in the recent years where they’ve been wanting to release music quickly and whenever they feel like it. I’m unsure of what exactly started this idea but I do have a hunch it began with music streaming services. With music streaming now being more popular than […]

Thoughts On Coachella: It’s Not A Music Festival Anymore

Ah, finally, it’s Coachella season! I’m sure everyone’s already seen the lackluster lineup, the overpriced tickets and all your favorite celebrities and Instagram “influencers” cheap looking outfits in front of the Ferris wheel. It’s the best time of the year! In most cases, it really is the best time of the year. The weather is […]

MGMT – “Of Moons, Birds & Monsters” – Song Discussion

MGMT is a band that is quite possibly best known for their use of pop hooks and melodies combined with psychedelic inspired guitar and lots of synthesizer. Most people probably recognize the singles “Kids” and “Electric Feel”, and most people would also probably recognize their album cover art for their debut record, Oracular Spectacular. But […]

The Neighbourhood – The Neighbourhood – Album Discussion

Released March 9th, 2018 California indie rock band The Neighbourhood’s third, self titled record came with a string of EP’s that, when put together, say “Hard to imagine The Neighbourhood ever changing”. That, indeed, is a true statement. As someone who’s been following this band for a little while now, I can’t ever foresee them […]